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At the Law Office of Jerel J. Hill, we exclusively practice real estate law.  We have successfully represented clients in a wide range of real property transactions, including:

  • Buying or selling
  • Foreclosures
  • Commercial transactions
  • Title work

We offer comprehensive legal guidance and support during every phase of your transaction.  Attorney Jerel J. Hill is a veteran real estate lawyer with more than several decades of experience representing clients in Texas.  He will take the time to thoroughly examine contracts, titles, and any other documents, and explain the terms.  As an experienced practitioner of real estate law, he knows it is essential that clients completely understand the terms of the agreement into which they are entering.  He will carefully answer your questions so that there are no surprises, and diligently protect your investment every step of the way.

Our Approach

Real estate transactions can be very complex and confusing—that is why it is essential to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side. Jerel J. Jill will take the time to answer your questions and explain your options. He knows that every client and transaction is completely unique. That is why he is dedicated to providing personalized legal advice that takes all of the client’s needs into consideration. At the Law Office of Jerel J. Hill, we provide individualized, comprehensive legal counsel, and we protect our clients’ interests throughout every phase of their transaction.

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Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, we are ready to provide the high-quality legal counsel you need to protect your rights in nearly any real estate transaction. Our experienced attorney and staff are ready to answer your questions and guide you through every aspect of your transaction. Contact our Kingwood office today to schedule a consultation with experienced real estate attorney Jerel J. Hill.

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